The Amours & Alarums of Eliza MacLean. Annie Warwick

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Victoria Eliza Annie MacLean can’t escape actors. Her father Richard, who raised her in a bohemian and somewhat morally negligent household, is a famous actor. Her childhood playmate and “prince” Billy is inspired and encouraged by Richard to pursue his dream of acting. All the men she is seriously attracted to turn out to be actors – and not just in their professional lives.
With so much drama in her life, Eliza is determined to be normal and – like many people from dysfunctional families – become a psychologist, despite her faerie looks and her penchant for playing bluegrass fiddle. Indeed, Eliza’s life is anything but normal.
Annie Warwick, as the witty and humorous Omniscient Narrator, entertains us, with sex and romance, strange coincidences, dramatic action sequences and bloody violence in this modern-day melodrama.

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