The Russians are Coming!, 14 Months in the Life of the Town. Lily Alex

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The novel is an imaginative and spirited narrative embracing both diversity and universality. Set in smalltown America (199~) The Russian newcomers provide a fresh perspective on a close-knit college community. The story follows them and offers to the reader the unique opportunity to explore not only the surface differences between Russian and American lifestyles, but the more profound similarities. Uncertainty, infidelity, and betrayal plague both the immigrants and their fellow townsfolk, but such universal redeemers as love, family, and friendship are the fundamental ties that bind. Narrowed to a specific 14-month time frame, but enhanced with flashbacks and epilogue, the novel shows everyday life in both countries. Jealousies, lusts, and misdemeanors (and even organized crime) have their place, as do finer passions for truth, learning, love. The tale is, by turns, tragic and heartwarming, but always, and ultimately, hope-filled. Содержит нецензурную брань.

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