Daniels Song. Katherine Dobney

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When the angel Daniel is sent to Earth as a result of his misdeeds, he is instructed to take care of the suffering children. For over a thousand years this is his life with no chance of returning to heaven. Daniel and his family of angels on Earth carry on watching over mankind from their northwest home. One day Daniel is tasked with helping a young woman during a terrible tragedy. Unlike the dying children he has nurtured, this soul is alive. Hope is not just her name but also her destiny as she teaches Daniel lessons he never expected here on Earth. Her healing becomes part of his healing until a lost angel comes into their lives. Alexander has a history with Daniel that must be addressed but Daniel goes a step too far in his efforts to protect Hope. The judgment for his actions could only be decided in heaven. The relationships built in a family from Earth and a family from heaven will lead Daniel down a path he was never expecting.

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