How to get the Right Foot In. Raj Nair

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A dozen steps to build a productive team<br><br>Are you managing a project with no authority?. Are your most team members volunteers?. Are they pretty much work remotely?. How to gain trust and build a productive relationship with the team members to get their &quot;right foot in&quot; to your project. Will share some observations and also tip how to understand the team members well, what&#39;s in their mind, what they can do for you as well as what you can do for them. Most of the projects fail if overseeing the need to understand the team members and motivational factors. Come and join this presentation where you can take away some ideas and techniques that can apply to save your project.<br><br>In today&#39;s economy and global diversity people get into a job to meet their basic necessity and project managers lack of interest and skills in understanding them drag the project into a big black hole. People come and go in the project without true commitment. They only see them as filler resources not the one having full dedication towards the project success.

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