Truth or Deception?. B. L. Smith

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Did God really say, &quot;You must not eat from any tree in the garden?&quot; (Genesis 3:1)<br><br>With a seemingly small twist on God&#39;s Word, the assault on truth began in Eden. The enduring battle against truth is prevalent today as some argue that there is no inherent truth. Instead, they assert that truth is ever changing and necessary in order to complement the times. Still others pretend to uphold the truth, yet preach a false gospel. They twist the Scriptures in order to propel their selfish and highly flawed agendas, deceiving many. <br><br>Truth or Deception? urges believers to examine the Scriptures for themselves in order to be equipped to discern between the truth and the lies. The church that believes and lives in Christ can only experience victory in today&#39;s hostile environment if it is founded upon the truth of God&#39;s Word. While the world is lost and confused, it ought not to be so with believers. <br><br>The Word of God is the owner&#39;s manual for mankind. It offers guidance and warns on the dangers of the deceivers. Jesus said, &quot;Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free&quot; (John 8:32). But how can one who is deceived truly experience freedom or lead anyone else toward freedom? It&#39;s impossible. It is time for God&#39;s people to uncompromisingly stand for truth and expose the counterfeits for what they truly are&mdash;enemies of God.

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