Nice and Slow. Maude E. Grider

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At an early age Jasmine Johns&#39;s lifelong ambition is to become a nurse. When she turns eighteen years old and preparing to begin her college career, she meets Paul Shelton, a suave African-American businessman-entrepreneur, who is juggling a legitimate and successful restaurant and a questionable private gentlemen&#39;s club and escort service. <br><br>Paul sets out to convince Jasmine being a part of his club is more profitable than obtaining a college education. Jasmine chooses a nursing career over Paul.<br><br>Jasmine completes her degree in nursing and lands her dream job as Nurse Administrator for Doctor Harold Allen&#39;s Cardiology services. Doctor Allen becomes smitten with the beautiful young nurse and will stop at nothing to possess her mind, body, and soul.<br><br>Conflict arises when Paul wants to re-enter Jasmine&#39;s life and Harold refuses to let her go.

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