Among the Missing. H. R. Devlon

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When retired homicide cop Thomas Blake finds an abandoned Mercedes in a lagoon area, he traces the car to an Adam Barker, who happens to be missing from his top secret research work at Argonne Laboratories, and from his home in Lake Forest, Illinois. As Blake investigates further, he suspects Barker&#39;s disappearance is the result of foul play.<br><br>Meanwhile, Jack Logan, an ex-friend of Barker&#39;s, receives a cryptic message asking Logan to help Barker&#39;s wife Michelle&mdash;but Logan is hesitant to help her , since twenty years earlier, she had called off her engagement to him, only to marry Barker.<br><br>As Blake continues to investigate, and as Logan reluctantly decides to help Barker&#39;s wife Michelle, Adam Barker&#39;s safety becomes less and less certain…<br><br>[Among the Missing] has …&quot;more twists than a pretzel! Bravo!&quot;<br><br>(An Armchair Detective Review)

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