The Spirit Told Me What the Doctors Couldn't. Jody L. Williams

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After a fifteen year battle against an elusive enemy, Jody Williams was finally able to put a name to the disease that had been ravaging his body for so long. The Spirit Told Me What the Doctors Couldn&#39;t is the inspiring story of Williams&#39; battle against Cushing&#39;s disease and his miraculous journey to recovery.<br><br>Cushing&#39;s is a deadly disease that afflicts its target with many of the common side effects associated with obesity&mdash;high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, and many other varying symptoms. These symptoms can all be treated separately without ever identifying the disease that hides itself deep within the endocrine system. Unfortunately, for many individuals the disease is never uncovered, leading to fatality as they never receive the necessary treatment.<br><br>If you or someone you know is suffering with any of these symptoms and seeking answers in the battle, be encouraged&mdash;there is hope!

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