What's Up With Those Crazy Muslims. Irfan Alli

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From the kind of coverage Islam and Muslims receive in the media you would think it is an irrational and violent way of life, adopted by a bunch of lunatics. There are lunatics and terrorists in the Muslim community, but it is not possible that the more than one and a half billion Muslims around the world are all lunatics and terrorists.<br><br>It is important that you find out what these people really think and believe because they live in your neighborhood. They are teachers in your child&#39;s school, they seek political office, they serve you coffee at your favorite diner, they design and build the houses in which you live and they are your family doctor. Some of them are also refugees. <br><br>This book is a collection of answers to common questions people ask about Islam and Muslims. It is written so agnostics, atheists, bigots, journalists, movie makers, racists, politicians, Christians, Jews, dummies and the common person can sort through the confusion or prejudices with which they view Islam and Muslims and learn what Islam really is.

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