Flagwatching. Clem Sunter

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With «Flagwatching», top-selling author Clem Sunter breaks new ground. Building on the more abstract discipline of scenario planning for which he is internationally known, this book offers an innovative, highly practical method for decoding the future. Flagwatching is something we do every day. Whether it is detecting a change of facial expression during a conversation with a friend, spotting the potential dangers when driving a car or monitoring our own health, we are on the alert for significant flags. Now Sunter weaves a persuasive and entertaining case for applying this natural habit to the field of organisational strategy. Learn to identify the flags that are changing the game, play the different scenarios and consider your options before taking action. This book provides a diverse set of flags to watch in the world at large and in South Africa. It will help your business or organisation become a leader in anticipating our fast-changing times.

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