The Last Days of the Romanovs. N. Sokolov

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"At Ekaterinburg, on the night of July i6, 1918, the Imperial Family and their faithful attendants – eleven persons in all – were led into a small room in the house where they had been imprisoned and shot to death with revolvers" – these are the opening lines of Mr. Robert Willton, The Times reporter and an eye-witness of the Tsarist regime and the Russian revolution. This book tells about the last days of the Romanov family, including the descriptions of their cells, daily routines, and important documents and correspondence regarding the preparation and execution of the massacre. In addition, the book includes both the intimidating last moments of the Romanov's lives, like the swastika sign the empress drew on the wall of her cell for protection and the telegraph notes of the organizers of the murder. These materials were carefully collected and translated by Wilton from the report of M. Sokolov, the investigating magistrate. Also, the book includes a report of M. George Tellberg, ex-Minister of Justice in the Omsk (Kolchak) Government, who later emigrated to the United States. Being the collection of important documentation and notes, Wilton's Last Days of Romanovs presents an important source of information about the Russian Revolution and the end of the Russian Empire.

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