Larry's 2016 U.S. Tax Guide 'Supplement' for U.S. Expats, Green Card Holders and Non-Resident Aliens in User Friendly English. Laurence E. 'Larry'

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This is a very user-friendly guide for the U.S. tax filer who lives outside of the United States but is still required to file his or her U.S. tax return on an annual basis. This book explains, in an easy, informal and frequently humorous manner what the tax filer&#39;s requirements are and pitfalls to look out for to avoid what could otherwise be harsh penalties.<br><br>Asian Tax Review&#39;s Laurence E. Lipsher has written six prior, annual books, updating and expanding upon topics about the expat filer should be aware. Lipsher has spoken about taxes all over the world and is a popular &#39;tax entertainer&#39;.<br><br>In addition, this year&#39;s book also includes &#39;Nine Essays from a Transpacific Rock &#39;n&#39; Tax Man&#39;, a mini-memoir covering the author&#39;s years in the rock music business, overcoming a cocaine addiction to become a wine industry tax expert, and going through the weirdest manifestation of a mid-life crisis by starting all over again, twenty-five years ago, as an American accountant in the People&#39;s Republic of China.

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