SAT Math For Dummies with Online Practice. Mark Zegarelli

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Go into the SAT relaxed and confident by preparing with this straightforward and practical math resource  A great math score on the SAT can unlock countless opportunities, especially in the STEM fields. With the help of  SAT Math For Dummies , you’ll have what it takes to succeed on this challenging section of the exam. This helpful guide offers the tools and techniques you need to hone your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses, and walk into the testing room poised and prepared to conquer the math section of the SAT.  You’ll learn to tackle basic and advanced algebra, geometry, and trigonometry—with and without a calculator, just like you’ll need to do on the test. The book also offers intuitive reviews of critical math concepts and skills – like evaluating, simplifying, and factoring algebra expressions – while preparing you for common pitfalls and traps that ensnare less prepared students.  This up-to-date resource will help you:  Reduce test anxiety and stress by preparing with resources that mirror the tasks you’ll have to perform on test day Master the time-management and other test-taking strategies you’ll need to get the results you want Prove you’re ready for the test by practicing with online resources that include three complete practice tests Effective practice and preparation are the keys to succeeding on the math section of the SAT. And with  SAT Math For Dummies  in your arsenal, you’ll have the strategies, knowledge, and skills that make extraordinary results possible.

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